kls handwerk

Craftsmanship – the creative person is an artisan

Artisans ‘grasp’ their world. They understand how their work connects them with others, viewing their craft holistically and comprehensibly. This does not only happen mentally, through abstract thought, or through books, or lectures. It is their personal touch, their hands that make this possible.

The word ‘grasp’ has two meanings: you grasp something with your hand and you grasp something with your head. There is no better explanation for hand and head being mutually dependent. What happens to people who have never ‘grasped’ the world with their own hands? How do assembly line workers feel? And all of those who spend day after day in front of their computer screens, surfing the internet, whose experience of the world is mainly virtual? How do all those scientists, theologians and philosophers fare who interpret the world overwhelmingly intellectually?

Craftsmanship offers human beings the unique opportunity of realizing and honing all the intellectual abilities and capabilities they are endowed with. Craftsmanship allows people to develop their creativity through their sensory organs. One might even say they become ‘a whole person.’