kls stille sein blick ins gruene

Meditation – Awe – Silence

  • Get away from the ‘pressure and stress of the world’- once a year for several days. Once a day for a few minutes empty your head (and your stomach); make room for new things and new ideas.
  • Sit down, close your eyes, be silent and listen to your inner voice – look inwardly.
  • Shut off your intelligence, letting random thoughts come and go. Should a good thought emerge, take your pen and write it down. Writing forces you to order your thoughts into coherent sentences, comprehensible to yourself as well as for others.

‘You‘re not really awake when you don‘t write. You have no idea who you are, not to mention who you are not.’ (Pascal Mercier)

When I sit and observe the diversity and beauty of nature I am filled with reverence and humility about the great mystery – that cannot be grasped with our intelligence alone.