Symbioses – a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups

Everything on this planet is interconnected. Even the minutest entity has significance. Wholesome, productive coexistence requires a lot of variety.

More than anywhere else, this holds true for nature. Everywhere, in every region symbiotic communities of plants, animals, microbes etc., are formed, assuring ‘natural’ survival, all on their own. Provided humans with their ‘intelligence’ do not interfere too much.

Nature is not specialized, nor centralized. Nature knows no monocultures. This also applies to human societies. The individual cannot do what the group can achieve easily. A society of many different and well-organized people, wor­king together harmoniously, is more creative and viable. Old and young, strong and weak, bold and anxious, women and men, people of all colors and all reli­gious persuasions and beliefs.

A ‘culture of cooperation’ for the benefit of all instead of a ‘culture of conflict’ benefitting only certain individuals.