kls gut leben

Leading the good life – a Practically-lived Philosophy

During the course of my work and my on-going search for the underlying meaning and purpose of life, seven Sources of Strength have taken shape. These for me are:

Life —  Wholesome Food —  Craftsmanship —  Symbiosis —  Children and Animals —  Beauty —  Silence

Despite the untenable situation we have maneuvered ourselves into, or possibly because of it, I remain convinced, a good and meaningful life worth living is possible. Assuring mutual benefit and well-being for all without nature, or future generations eventually footing the bill. For me, ‘the good life’ means doing what is meaningful and enjoyable, understandable and manageable.

Basic needs like food, clothing, housing, energy and culture must no longer be met through ruthless exploitation and at the expense of the weakest links. Mindful, judicious use of nature, jointly with those who know and appreciate each other and who share a ‘common culture,’ is the key to sustainability and contentment for all.

I am more and more convinced to have found the right way.